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Grip4orce Flex Grips
SKU: 3723
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Grip4orce Flex Grips

0 reviews  
Price: $39.95

SKU: 3723

Grip4orce Flex Grips convert traditional bars and dumbbells to 2" diameter. The inner resistance core forces your hand into an active grip state which enhances stimulation to the working muscles.

Pros, college teams and athletic training facilities across the nation have integrated thick bar training (2" diameter bars) into their programs to give their athletes the edge over their opponents. GRIP is a vital component in any athletes training. The resistance core within Grip4orce is specifically designed to ensure pressure throughout the exercise for optimum results and an increased workout.

Grip4orce Flex Grips Features:

  • Sold in Pairs.
  • Converts bars and dumbbells to 2" diameter.
  • Resistance core.
  • Anti-slip tread design.
  • Forces hand into active grip state.
  • Spreads weight evenly for reduced strain on joints.

  • Benefits:

  • Increased thumb, fingers, hand, forearm, and grip strength.
  • Increased wrist stability strength in all planes of motion.
  • Targets more muscle than any comparable product.
  • Enhances stimulation to the working muscles.
  • Promotes proper lifting technique.
  • Increases arm pump.

  • How to use:

    Simply squeeze down Gripforce Flex Grips around bars, dumbbells, cable attachments or whatever you're using to increase muscle activation throughout the body.

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