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SKU: 2660

Gray Cook, MSPT, OCS, CSCS with Dr. Lee Burton, Dr. Kyle Kiesel, Dr. Greg Rose & Milo F. Bryant

By using systematic logic and revisiting the natural developmental principals all infants employ as they learn to walk, run and climb, Gray forces a new look at motor learning, corrective exercise and modern conditioning practices.

The discoveries, lessons and approaches of Movement—
* How to view and measure movement quality alongside quantity
* How to ascertain dysfunctional patterns with the FMS
* What clinicians need to know about the SFMA
* When to apply corrective strategies, and how to determine which strategies to use
* How to map movement patterns and understand movement as a behavior

This book is not simply about the anatomy of moving structures. Rather, it serves a broader purpose to help the reader understand authentic human movement, and how the brain and body create and learn movement patterns. Our modern dysfunctions are a product of our isolated and incomplete approaches to exercise imposed on our sedentary lifestyles. A return to movement principles can create a more comprehensive exercise and rehabilitation model, a model that starts with movement.

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