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UCS Multi-Function Bench
SKU: 3623

UCS Multi-Function Bench

Price: $1,850.00

SKU: 3623

The UCS Multi-Function Bench is an impressive piece of engineered equipment – a perfect compliment to any of the UCS X-Series Racks. CALL FOR PRICE


The UCS Multi-Function Bench is an impressive piece of engineered equipment – a perfect compliment to any of the UCS X-Series Racks.

  • UCS Multi-Function Bench is comprised of precision laser cut 1/4" steel plate and 7 gauge tube components which create the stable bench understructure.
  • The back pad and angle adjustment are integrated into one piece eliminating unnecessary flexing of the frame during activity, providing an incredibly safe and stable platform to perform exercises.
  • This bench provides three adjustments that can be performed while seated. The levers are located on the sides under the front seat for safety and convenience.
  • There is a gas spring that compensates for the weight of the back support which is a safety feature and allows for easier adjustment to any of the 8 positions (0, 20, 35, 45, 50, 60, 65, 82 degrees).
  • The bench can be adjusted back and forward into the rack to eight positions within 12- 1/4" of travel. This combines with the 9" of depth adjustment into the exclusive UCS “flip-away” docking stations.
  • The front seat adjusts independently to five positions, from 0 to 35 degrees. This features makes it highly customizable to an individual’s torso with minimum disruption to the work-out.
  • The specially designed 2" pad conforms to the natural shape of the body; its design provides excellent support while allowing for exercise movements.
  • A standard feature built into the UCS Multi-Function Bench is the raised diamond plate spotter’s platform which puts the spotter in an excellent position to provide any necessary support.
  • The welded handle and non-marking wheels on the back side of the frame enable quick tip ‘n roll mobility.
  • Bench Docking Station - The docking stations are attached to the inner portion of the rack allowing for the Multi-Function bench to lock into the racks.
  • Docking stations have three docking locations to choose from. When not in use, docking stations can be flipped up to the side of the frame, allowing for greater clearance.
  • Upholstry & Frame Colors (all standard colors per Boltaflex Color Chart):Black - 363557, Candy Apple Red - 363752, Royal Blue - 363555 (NAVY), Bluejay - 363735 and Emerald - 363756.

  • UCS Multi-Function Bench: 54"L x 24"W.

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