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Max Belt
SKU: 6648
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Max Belt

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SKU: 6648

The Max Belt allows movement through a speed and agility training circuit made up of some or all of 11 training aids without the hassle of having to change belts.

Outfit your athletes with a Max Belt and they can move from station to station with a simple snap-lock on to the leads of the product being used. The Max Belt features 3" wide padded heavy-duty Cordura nylon, reinforced stitching, multiple nylon attachment loops, and stainless steel hardware.

Compatible with:

  • Resistance Tether
  • Dual Resistance Tether
  • PowerMax Hip Flexor
  • Tire Tether
  • PowerMax VR Chute
  • PowerMax Sled
  • Sprint Start Sled
  • PowerMax Jumper
  • Dual Speed Trainer
  • Dynamic Trainer
  • Solo Speed Trainer

  • Available in three sizes:

  • S/M (24" - 32" Waist)
  • L/XL (33" - 42" Waist)
  • XXL (43" - 52" Waist)

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