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CNS Intensive Training DVD
SKU: 8257

CNS Intensive Training DVD

Price: $39.95

SKU: 8257

Mike’s CNS Intensive Training is guaranteed to change the way you think about training athletes.

Mike Boyle spends lots of time talking to coaches but, he spends just as much time listening.

Mike is always searching for the “perfect routine” - the workout that gets everyone bigger, faster and stronger.

One area that has received a ton of attention in the past few years is the area of central nervous system fatigue. Conversations with strength coach Jason Ferrugia led Mike to believe that it may be time to change the programming for his elite athletes.

  • The reality is that we can always do things better.
  • The CNS Intensive Training DVD will get you thinking and talking and probably changing your routines.
  • Should you train your advanced athletes differently? You might be surprised at the answer.
  • Should we go back to upper/ lower splits? If you know Mike, you know he used to hate these.
  • Two lower body days a week?
  • More or less Olympic lifting?

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