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The Accelerator
SKU: 6617
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The Accelerator

0 reviews  
Price: $139.50 to $179.95

SKU: 6617

Take speed and agility training to the next level with The Accelerator resistance trainer! The Accelerator is available in two resistances and is great for speed, agility, quickness, balance and explosive training.

The Accelerator Features:

  • The Accelerator allows you to incorporate speed & agility resistance training drills which emphasize all major muscle groups.
  • Includes "H"-harness, 10' Slastix band, and anchor strap.
  • The "H"-harness is padded and adjustable. It adjusts to fit kids as well as athletes wearing shoulder pads.
  • The anchor strap allows you to work out alone.
  • The cord is encased in a nylon sheath to prevent the resistance band from snapping back if it breaks.
  • Choose from a resistance band of 105 lbs. or 150 lbs.

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