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Cable Club Pack
SKU: 3617
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Cable Club Pack

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SKU: 3617

One of the most complete assortments of cable-machine attachment bars. Each bar features a chrome coating and a 35 mm urethane grip ergonomically designed for extreme comfort and control. These quality attachments undergo an injection mold process that impregnates the metal shaft with urethane creating a solid adhesion. All Machined Attachment Bars include Polyurethane Ergonomic Grips

  • 19” Revolving Straight Bar
  • 32” Revolving Curl Bar
  • 28” Revolving Pro Style Lat Bar
  • 36” Revolving Pro Style Lat Bar
  • 35” Revolving Lat Bar
  • 48” Revolving Lat Bar
  • Multi-Exercise Bar
  • Triceps Full-Extension Bar
  • Seated Row/Chinning Bar
  • Multi-Purpose ‘V’ Bar
  • Triceps Press-down Bar
  • Deluxe Stirrup Handle
  • Triceps “Hammer” Rope
  • Triceps “Press Down” Rope

    Cable Club Pack
    Includes all 14 Cable Accessories Plus Vertical Accessory Rack

    Rack/Club Pack Specifications
  • Vertical Bar Rack: Depth 18" Width 17" Height 48" Weight 50 lbs
  • Total weight of 15 Piece Cable Club Pack Set : 170 lbs

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