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Corrective Exercise Package
SKU: 2852

Corrective Exercise Package

This product has been discontinued

SKU: 2852

with Gray Cook (Reg. $178.95)

For any individual looking for exercises based on the FMS Evaluation. Provides prepared exercise handouts for Clients/Athletes/Patients using the Cook Cable Bar and Cook Band.

Package Includes:

  • Cook Cable Bar/DVD
  • Corrective Exercise and Movement Prep CD-ROM/DVD

  • Gray combines the Cable-Bar Exercise Progressions DVD, along with Exercise Tubing and Corrective Exercise and Movement Prep. DVD.

    This product includes an instructional ONE DVD along with the unique Cable-Bar designed by Gray. The ONE DVD contains specific instruction and philosophy on how to utilize a cable exercise system with a bar to increase core engagement. Gray demonstrates his functional exercise progressions from assisted to resistive functional exercises. He discusses how to improve efficiency and core performance through the use of a cable bar, instead of more conventional attachments. To give you even more exercise options we have included our expanded version of tubing based corrective exercises, and movement prep strategies. This ONE DVD demonstrates various exercise options to correct movement patterns. In addition the ONE CD ROM includes over 100 easy to utilize exercises dealing with tubing, and already prepared exercise handouts that your patients, clients/athletes can use at home or the gym.

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