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The Ultimate Ladder Program for Young Athletes
SKU: 8457

The Ultimate Ladder Program for Young Athletes

This product has been discontinued

SKU: 8457

If you are a Coach, Physical Education Teacher, Trainer, Athlete or Parent then you must have this DVD in your library.

You will learn...
  • How to implement other athletic movements into your ladder training
  • Ways to improve upper and lower body strength using the ladder
  • How to increase hand speed with the ballistic ladder
  • Fun and exciting ways to train your athletes or students with the ladder

  • For years coaches and trainers have used the ladder with the same basic rehearsed exercises. It isn't that these exercises are bad, I even show you how to incorporate the old stand by exercises into your warm up routine, and it is just time to bring the ladder to life with new and exciting skills that will surely make the ladder training more important in your program.

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