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Vertimax V8 Models
SKU: 2825
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Vertimax V8 Models

Price: $3,395.00 to $4,595.00
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SKU: 2825

Reactive power training device improves speed, explosiveness, and vertical jump.

  • Pulley system under platform ensures the same resistance is maintained all the way to the top of the jump.

  • Patented stability trackers mounted under platform allow cords to move with the athlete, eliminating the “tug-back” slingshot effect.

  • Resistance quickly adjusts to hundreds of different settings.

  • Each platform is 6' x 4' with a 4' x 4' landing mat to absorb impact on joints.

  • The V8 Model is designed to load up to 8 individual body points for both on-platform and off-platform training. Each unit includes a waist belt, hip flexor set, ankle straps and palm straps. Training range for bands is 10 yds.

  • The V8 EX Model has 8 bands for on and off-platform training like the original V8 model, but also come with a 360 Degree Training Belt and have a training range of 20 yds.

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