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Sled Dawg I (Standard Weights)
SKU: 3179
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Sled Dawg I (Standard Weights)

0 reviews  
Price: $154.95

SKU: 3179

The Sled Dawg I is a welded, powder coated steel resistance training sled that carries up to 200 + lbs of standard weights. A 10-ft strap connects to a harness with an optional quick release option.

Resistance running improves start and acceleration. For resistance sprinting use light loads. Use heavier weights for overload strength training. No need for a partner – Train by yourself!

Sled Dawg 1 Features:

  • Includes steel sled, harness and one 10' nylon cord.
  • Uses standard weight plates.
  • Add your standard weight plates to achieve desired resistance.
  • The 14-gauge powder coated steel sled is 22" X 38" x 20 lbs.

  • Purchase the optional Quick Release Harness which allows you to release the sled while sprinting for a quick burst of speed.

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