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*Keiser Air 300 Runner
SKU: 2803

*Keiser Air 300 Runner

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SKU: 2803

Develop Speed, Acceleration and Explosive Power by Working Against Air Resistance.

The Keiser Air 300 Runner is a unique and innovative product designed for the athletic performance market.

Revolutionary "air" resistance allows for safe, smooth exercises at any speed. No flying weight stacks!

  • Resistance can be adjusted by simply pushing + or - buttons located on the handles.
  • Space-saving, lightweight construction.
  • The Power Display option provides output in watts, gives optimal resistance level and allows for downloading of workout data.

    The Keiser Air 300 runner allows athletes to train the lower body for power by using the components of speed and resistance. Developed specifically for sports teams to improve acceleration and explosive power, this unit will improve the power and performance of any individual looking for a competitive edge.

    Technical Information: Keiser Air 300 Runner

    • Dimensions: 84 " L x 33" W x 57" H
    • Weight: 175 lbs
    • Resistance range: 10-346 lbs
    • Air Compressor not included

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