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*Keiser Infinity Triple Trainer
SKU: 6903

*Keiser Infinity Triple Trainer

Price: $11,195.00

SKU: 6903

Three functional trainers in one - accommodates up to 3 people at once!

The Keiser Infinity Triple Trainer is three Functional Trainers in one. It packs all of the benefits of the Functional Trainer into a space-saving, triangular-shaped column - it can accomodate up to three exercisers at one time!

Revolutionary "air" resistance allows for safe, smooth exercises at any speed. No flying weight stacks!

  • Resistance is consistent, unaffected by speed of exercise.
  • Space-saving, lightweight construction.
  • Zero shock loading to muscles, connective tissues and joints.
  • Adjusts in 1/10 lb. increments.
  • The Keiser Infinity Triple Trainer is essentially a Functional Trainer times three. Today’s gyms are incorporating areas dedicated to cable and functional training protocols, where multiple machines are required to service the needs of customers. Like the Functional Trainer, the Triple Trainer performs an unlimited number of exercises, ensuring maximum versatility. Even exercises requiring a great deal of agility (as in sport specific training) can be accomplished with ease.

    Technical Information: Keiser Infinity Triple Trainer

    • Dimensions: 57 " L x 104" W x 91" H
    • Weight: 400 lbs
    • Resistance range: 0-106 lbs
    • Cable Length: 144" Unilaterally; 72" Bilaterally
    • Air Compressor not included

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