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BOSU Sports Conditioning DVD- Hockey
SKU: 3536

BOSU Sports Conditioning DVD- Hockey

This product has been discontinued

SKU: 3536

The BOSU Sports Conditioning Video Series has dozens of sport-specific exercises and drills using the Bosu Balance Trainer.

The BOSU® Sports Conditioning Video Series is based on the well-known and innovative sports conditioning techniques developed by Peter Twist of Twist Conditioning, Inc. The linked system techniques in these videos, incorporated with the BOSU® Balance Trainer, have helped many college and professional athletes improve their game and they can do the same for you!

Hockey Video with Peter Twist (52 minutes).
Learn integrated movement skills that will help you develop the strength, endurance, quickness and balance that can easily transfer to the ice rink. With the BOSU Balance Trainer, you train with a style that teaches your muscles how to react quickly and efficiently to handle all the unpredictable situations you encounter in a hockey game.

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