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Shuttle MVP Pro
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Shuttle MVP Pro

0 reviews  
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SKU: 3487

The Shuttle MVP Pro is a low impact plyometric training device for performance conditioning and functional rehabiliation training.

Shuttle MVP Pro Features:

  • Use for horizontal leg presses, calf raises, and single and double leg plyometric drills.
  • Reduces stress on the spine, knees and legs.
  • Increases your lower extremity power to improve sprinting, jumping and acceleration.
  • Shuttle MVP Pro bands adjust resistance up to 500 lbs. Adding or subtracting resistance is simple and quick.
  • The oversize padded kickplate provides safe landing area for plyometric jumping drills. Capable of handling 500 lbs. or more.
  • The PowerGlide Backrest utilizes patented Rebounding Technology for soft, quiet and smooth operation.
  • The Shuttle MVP Pro headrest has a soft foam center for comfort and semi-rigid foam side panels for shoulder stabilization. The detachable, velcro headrest allows placement along the full length of the carriage to accommodate users of all heights.
  • Range of motion control: Select ankle, knee and hip flexion by adjusting carriage placement in relation to the kickplate. Move the bar at the head-end stand to adjust flexion and range of motion.
  • Heavy-duty 11-gauge steel construction.
  • 109"L x 24"W x 40"H. Weight: 200 lbs.
  • 2 year warranty.

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