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1 review   
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SKU: 6245

Portable, tri-planar stretching, strengthening, and dynamic balance all in one training device for the lower extremity and core.


  • "TRI-STRETCH -the only portable tri-planar stretching, strengthening, and balance all in one training device-has simplified the complexity of athletic movement to create a three dimensional training environment to functionally and comprehensively stretch and strengthen in all three planes of motion. A must for every athlete who desires to maximize therir performance.." - Gary Gray, Internationally Renowned Physical Therapist, Coach, Trainer, Inventor

  • Functional biomechanical analysis demonstrates that traditional single plane(direction) stretching does not achieve full lengthening of the muscle. Full lengthening only occurs when stretching is performed in all three planes of motion(1- front to back; 2-side to side; 3- rotational) reducing the risk of injury and improving muscle performance.

  • TRI-STRETCH is the only portable stretching device that assists you to stretch in all three of these planes of motion. Through its multi-directional bio-mechanical design, TRI-STRETCH allows interaction of the joints and lengthening of the muscles in all three planes of movement...replicating the exact manner in which they get stretched when you run, walk or exercise providing a portable functional stretching tool for the calf, hamstring, iliotibial band and more.

  • In addition, TRI-STRETCH allows just the right amount of instability to allow for successful dynamic balance and strength training of the lower extremity and core. It provides a greater challenge without risking injury from too much instability and it has the ability to challenge the lower extremity and core in the sagittal, frontal and tranverse planes. Its unique biomechanical design also allows pre-positioning of the joints to provide hundreds of possible training positions. THE RESULT: advanced training possibilities for all of your training needs from ankle strengthening to ACL programs.

    Read the Articles by Mary Repking, PT, CSCS
    Functional Flexibility
    Biomechanically Based Dynamic Balance and Strength Training

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