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Set of Cuff Weights
SKU: 5641

Set of Cuff Weights

Price: $459.95
* An additional $45.00 shipping surcharge applies to this item.
* An additional $45.00 shipping surcharge applies to this item.

SKU: 5641

Labeled and Color by Weight for Easy Recognition.


  • All weights are vinyl and filled with smooth non-absorptive steel pellets for comfort
  • Extra long 17" strap with hook and loop fastners allows the weight to be double-strapped for added security.
  • Heavy duty stitching and brass grommet ensures durability.
  • All weights 6 lbs. and over have 2 straps with hook and loop fasteners and 6 vertical pockets.

  • Hygienically sealed in individual protective packages.
  • Has Pegboard on front and back side with wheels for wasy transport.
  • Includes 11 hooks to hang weights.
  • Dimensions 24" wide x 18" deep x 57" high

    Includes Storage Rack and 2 each of 1 lb., 1.5 lb., 2 lb., 2.5 lb., 3 lb., 4 lb., 5 lb., and 1 each of 7.5 lb., and 10 lb.

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