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*Olympic Combo Hex Bar
SKU: 9701
5 reviews  

*Olympic Combo Hex Bar

5 reviews  
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* An additional $20.00 shipping surcharge applies to this item.

SKU: 9701

Two-Tiered Bar Accommodates People of All Heights

While the Olympic combo hex bar may be odd looking to the beginner, this simple piece of weight lifting equipment can provide a more effective workout with the ability to use heavier loads while increasing grip strength and doing so with safety of the lifter in mind.

If lower back pain or issues are preventing you from performing some of the staples of weight training such as deadlifts or squats, the Olympic combo hex bar may be the solution to your training needs.

The combo hex bar is the brainchild of Al Gerard, a power lifter who suffered from lower back pain. Gerard believed that this bar design would distribute the weight more evenly along the weightlifter’s center of gravity, and in the process remove excess stress from the lower back. For lifters with lower back issues, this bar put the emphasis on the desired muscle groups rather than the lower back, allowing for greater gains in muscle, strength and power with less chance of injury.

The Perform Better Olympic Combo Hex Bar features:

Two Tier Handle Construction.  The two tier handle design of this combo hex bar makes use of the bar comfortable for weightlifters of all heights. One of the common problems seen with hex bars is difficulties experienced by taller weightlifters. The two tier handle design is made with this issue in mind, and depending on one’s height and the exercise being performed; one can utilize either handle for maximum training efficiency and safety.

Steel and Zinc Construction.  The combo hex bar is constructed of 1” high carbon steel with a zinc finish for strength and durability. This bar is designed to take the worst of weight room abuses and can also handle a significant amount of weight. The zinc finish prevents rusting and discoloration.

Large Frame.  The combo hex bar features a 56” long frame that is 25” wide. The bar may be used by even the largest of weightlifters, and has ample space on either end for adding several Olympic weight plates.

Some of the benefits of using the Perform Better Combo Hex Bar include:

  • Increased stability during exercises. The added stability that the bar provides allows one to put the emphasis on the targeted muscle groups. Because the emphasis is on targeted muscles with proper form, one may be able to add more weight thus boosting muscle growth and power.

  • Increased workout safety. Several of the major weightlifting exercises such as the squat, clean and jerk and power clean can all present risk of injury. Getting stuck under a loaded bar can cause significant injury, while squatting heavy loads without a spotter can also lead to serious injury. By using the combo hex bar, however, one can load the bar with some serious weight and not have to worry about getting stuck under the bar or in another dangerous position. Because of its design, the combo hex bar can be used without a spotter while still training with heavy loads. This makes it a very versatile and convenient piece of training equipment.

  • Increased effectiveness of single leg movements. While the combo hex bar is very useful for deadlifts, shrugs and other compound movements, the bar can also add to single leg exercise efficiency. The stability of the bar makes it easier to hold than dumbbells allowing for greater focus on targeted muscle groups during movements such as lunges or split squats.

The Perform Better Combo Hex Bar can help you take your training to the next level. It is the ultimate tool for increasing weight workout versatility and safety. When used correctly, this bar may help you get better results in less time with less stress on the lower back.

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