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SKU: 7460

For testing and improving Vertical Jump

  • The world's most popular device for testing vertical jump height.
  • Consists of a solid metal base, telescoping upright and colored vanes spaced 1/2 " apart that rotate when touched for easy measurement.
  • Use it to accurately measure vertical jump height when -
  • Jumping off 2 feet from a standing position directly underneath.
  • Jumping off a single foot from a moving start.
  • It allows the coach, trainer or therapist to determine how the subject is progressing by measuring how high the person can jump.
  • Measures how effectively the person converts horizontal movement to vertical lift.
  • Use to develop explosive power and endurance by doing multiple sets of jumps.
  • Take the standing height of the subject with one arm fully extended upward.
  • Have the subject jump-up and touch the highest possible vane.
  • Then measure the difference between standing height and jumping height.
  • Use throughout the year or treatment period to measure amount of improvment.
  • Also use to teach good jumping techniques and to improve endurance.

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