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Doubleman Overspeed
SKU: 6780
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Doubleman Overspeed

1 review   
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SKU: 6780

The Doubleman Overspeed trainer is a two person overspeed training device. Individuals are attached together with 20' safety sleeve tubing attached to two swivel belts or one swivel belt and one shoulder harness.

By attaching the Doubleman Overspeed to two runners you can overspeed the runner in back. The back runner allows the front runner to stretch the elastic up to 3 times its length. This then allows the back runner to be pulled forward with the help of the 20' safety sleeve elastic tubing. The safety sleeve elastic tubing makes the product safe and comfortable. It's a terrific assistance device to train your nervous system to run faster and increase stride length and frequency, while still allowing you to maintain relaxation.

Doubleman Overspeed Operation:

  • Hook 20' tubing to a secure object or to lead runner's waist belt.
  • Attach other end to your waist belt or shoulder harness.
  • Stretch tube out to 30'.
  • Lead runner begins to jog forward to "sling-shot" rear runner forward at fast speed.
  • Stretch tube out to 60' max when you become accustomed to the device.

  • Options:

  • The Doubleman Overspeed comes with a 1 1/2" resistance belt for the lead runner plus a strap to hook onto a secure object.
  • For the rear runner, choose from either the waist belt option or the shoulder harness option.
  • Also, choose from the medium option (for runners under 140 lbs.) or the heavy option (for runners over 140 lbs.)
  • Purchase an extra tube with safety sleeve to double the length of run.

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