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Thera-Band Accessories - Handles & Door Anchor
SKU: 6669
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Thera-Band Accessories - Handles & Door Anchor

1 review   
Price: $7.95 to $12.95
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SKU: 6669

Optional handles and door anchor (attachment) for Thera-Bands.

Thera-Band Handles
Sold in pairs, Thera-Band handles provide a secure grip for Thera-Band exercise bands. They can be used with either the latex or latex-free bands. The handles are ideal for patients with limited hand mobility.

Thera-Band Door Anchor
The Thera-Band Door Anchor is designed to be used with Thera-Band exercise bands and tubing. The nylon adjustable strap firmly attaches to a door jam. The height can be set for individual needs.

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