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Uni-Vest Weight Vest
SKU: 6125
2 reviews  
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Uni-Vest Weight Vest

2 reviews  
Price: $139.95 to $199.95
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SKU: 6125

Uni-Vest Weight Vests have a stretchable Neoprene strapping system that provides a tight and secure fit. Choose from the Short or Long Uni-Vest weighted vest.

The Uni-Vest is a weighted vest that slips over the head and straps across the body using a cross-strapping system that helps keep the vest from shifting side-to-side. The Uni-Vest is a total body weight system that allows you to add resistance to your workout safely. The weights are comprised of Flex-Metal (flexible rubber weights) which provide the ultimate in comfort and safety when training because the Flex-Metal weights fit the contours of the body and are placed throughout the body of the vest for balance.

Uni-Vest Features:

  • Form fitting: The unique design of the Uni-Vest includes a stretchable neoprene strapping system, which secures the vest to your body. This system also allows the vest to expand and accommodate to your normal breathing pattern during exercise.
  • Adjustable in 1/2 lb increments: Weights are easily removed to customize overall weight to meet specific training needs.
  • Full padded lining and extra-padded shoulders help prevent chaffing around the shoulder and neck area.
  • Evenly distributed weights.
  • Weight can be increased using additional Uni-Vest flex-metal weights (each weighing 1/2 lb.). The Short Uni-Vest comes with 10 lbs. of weight and can hold a maximum of 20 lbs. The Long Uni-Vest comes with 20 lbs. of weight and can hold a maximum of 40 lbs.
  • Machine washable.
  • One size fits all: The Uni-Vest short and long versions can accommodate chest sizes up to 80 inches in circumference.

  • Additional Uni-Vest Weights

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