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Brower TCi Timing System
SKU: 3265
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Brower TCi Timing System

0 reviews  
Price: $475.00 to $1,195.00

SKU: 3265

This fully automatic, wireless system times any distance with 1/100 second accuracy.

Includes one set of infrared sensors with tripods, motion start sensor, band monitor, 9V battery, carry bag and manual

TCi Smart Start
  • Motion Start with keypad for entering athlete number
  • Automatically starts new time from the Smart Start
  • False Start ignored
  • 5 Modes for starting
  • Compatible with microphne or mechanical switches

TCi System
  • Up to 1000 unique athletic ID numbers with 1000 Athlete Memory
  • Up to 20 splits
  • Better Channel seperation when using multiple systems in the same area
  • Improved user interface
  • Backward components from 2009-2017 TC Systems

Sprint Display Clock
  • 14"W x 7"H x 1.5"D
  • Up to 20 splits
  • Has (four) 4" digits the display time simultaneously with hand-held monitor and are visible up to 100' away.

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