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Power Ball Medicine Balls (Single Handle)
SKU: 2090
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Power Ball Medicine Balls (Single Handle)

1 review   
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SKU: 2090

Power Ball Medicine Balls have a single, built-in handle and a durable rubber shell. The handles allows for many more exercises than a typical medicine ball.


  • Great way to exercise any area of your body including the core, and upper and lower extremeties.
  • Use for dumbbell simulations.
  • Improves core strength, joint integrity, coordination, range of motion, and flexibility.
  • Can be used for rotational training, single-hand throws, swinging movements, throw sidearm, underhand or overhand.

  • Power Ball Medicine Ball Features:

  • All weights have same diameter.
  • Will not roll after landing.
  • Easy to hold and control during medicine ball exercises.
  • 1 Year Warranty.
  • View the included Medicine Ball Exercise Sheet.

  • Power Ball Specifications:

  • All Power Ball Medicine Balls are volleyball size (8" diameter).
  • Available weights: 4lbs, 6lbs, 8lbs, 10lbs, 12lbs, 14lbs, 16lbs & 25lbs

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