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FarmStrong Strength Academy – April 2017

Crops and Consequences

As always I am extremely grateful that Perform Better has allowed me ack with another month of FarmStrong Strength Academy.This episode marks the changing of the seasons, which you'll see in the video.

We've gone from white to green; and in order to make 'green' in the fall it's a time for W-O-R-K, more apt timely work. At FarmStrong even with all the variables that are at play; timely work is critical.
Additionally, as I shared in the video I have a timely 'test' coming where there is not only a deadline for performance; but also a time cap and rep minimum for performance. That is taking the Army APFT, otherwise
known as 2:00 of Push-ups, 2:00 of Sit-ups and 2 Mile run, all of which have age and gender, performance standard minimums. So I've been working and using a little programming formula that I came up with that is aligned with my performance goals.

In this month's WOD I'm going to share a little piece of that with you. Our primary attributes of focus for this month's WOD

• Managing the Complexity & Fatigue Formula
• Accuracy
• Improving or Sustaining Output

This WOD will provide an opportunity to focus on micro-density. Meaning we'll be keep our rep volume constant so we'll be attempting to reduce the amount of time used to complete those reps thus making each set more dense.

Of course there are a couple potential pitfalls that you need to be aware of:

1) In the attempt to produce a more dense set we will sometimes short changerep quality. So there needs to be a special eye give to maintain consistent HIGH quality reps.

2) Also there will be a point at which there will be diminishing returns

I.e you just won't be able to work any faster and maintain rep quality and/or accuracy

Pro-Tips: for performance success
The hidden key for adding density is to make sure that you are 'crisp' with your Transition time.

Also,it doesn't take much of a reduction in Segment Time to produce a significant percentage based result.

I.e. If it takes you 20 seconds to perform your 10 snatches on your first workout.

On your second workout it only takes you 18 seconds to perform 10 reps then you've achieved a 10% performance improvement. No small feat. Which brings us to the final pro-tip, in order to realize these types of results one should perform this work 2-4 times in a 30 days.

This month’s WOD is called: Crops and Consequences (You’ll need 2 medium sized kettlebells)

*Time each set of each exercise or each round, individually.

5 Rds

- Kettlebell Tactical Lunges x 6/6
- Kettlebell Snatches x 5/5
- Dbl Kettlebell Sprinter Stance Deadlift x 4/4
- Dbl Kettlebell Thrusters x 6

Quarterly Secret Service Snatch Test (12kg or 24kg Kettlebell)

*Maximum Reps in 10:00

This WOD is going to take some math and consistency but in the end I think you'll become a believer that a few seconds can reap huge positive consequences in your RESULTS!!

Until next month, stay strong….Stay FarmStrong!! If even for just a day or an instant I can change your outlook on what can be done with kettlebells then the FarmStrong goal
have been achieved.

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