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FarmStrong Strength Academy – March 2017

The Relationship Between Pushing & Pulling

As always I am extremely grateful that Perform Better has allowed me back with another month of FarmStrong Strength Academy. This episode marks the 1 year anniversary of FarmStrong Strength Academy. With that I thought I'd take us back to 
some basics both in terms for FSA but also in terms of lifting and coaching. Part of the basics for FSA is that the last 12 months we've had a baby calf as part of the intro.

This month I upgraded, to new FSA logo. I've got a few more upgrades planned for 2017, if you like the new logo, drop me an email and let me know. We've also  got about 60 of these cute little buggers running around;  and it's always fun to have baby calves in the video. While they sure are cute; they are a real pain in the ass to work 'they never quite seem to do what you want  them to'. We were working some calves the other day when my dad sad something that stuck me and I've been trying to 
think of a good way to share that wisdom with you. He said:  it's easier to pull a calf than push one.

Well that got me thinking we've best practices in the fitness industry regarding pulling and pushing.  It's generally accept that your pulling:pushing/pressing ratio should be 1:1 or probably more like 2:1 especially if you are into the new bro-session 
trend. While the concept of 'the basics' is something deemed to be relatively new to the fitness industry. 'Basics' are principle that have been put into action on a daily basis for as long the FarmStrong lifestyle has been a way of life. When you work with big, heavy and awkward 'implements' like the 'cute and cuddlies'.

The 'basic' of pulling is a priniciple you MUST own. The branding season is only  about 30 days away and by that time these cute and cuddlies will be 200-300lb monsters. So in an effort to prepare for that work-sesh and still give you brutally efficient and effective WOD in a cute little 20:00 package. When you perform this month's  WOD  with 'good sized' kettlebells;  you are dang sure to put on some functional FarmStrong muscle that will have you more ready for action than 100 bro-sessions ever will.  


This month’s WOD is called: Brownser

(You’ll need 2 medium sized kettlebells)

20 Rds Every Minute on the Minute/EMOM
Odd Minutes:  Dbl  Kettlebell  DeSt Cleans + Push Press  x 4+2
Even Minutes:  Crawling. x 10 steps forward + 10 steps backward

Continue you until you’ve completed all the Rds.  This WOD is going to start pretty easy for the first few rounds but it will accumulate pretty quick and you’ll  be left wondering how so few reps can take 'so much effort'.

Until next month, stay strong….Stay FarmStrong!!


If even for just a day or an instant  I can change your outlook on what can be done with kettlebells then the FarmStrong goal have been achieved. If you really enjoy the monthly
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