Kettlebell Training Zone!

FarmStrong Strength Academy – February 2017

X-Pattern Sling System

As always I am extremely grateful that Perform Better has allowed me back with another month of FarmStrong Strength Academy.  

Well folks the New Years luster has worn off. We are officially in the antonym of "the dog days of summer"…. "The dead of winter". You know the part with subzero temperatures and lots of snow. Here at FarmStrong we have had a record snow fall winter.  Nothing like they get in the northeast but its a lot for us. 

This snow has really inhibited one of the key tenets that we hold near and dear at FarmStrong and at Metabolic Stability:  the ability to do athletic/ better human activities in the standing position.  When there is deep snow and  negative temps, its just not going to happen.  

In the video we are going to take you out on a little adventure for better human activity that you can do in cold and snow.  But for this month’s training plan I wanted to give some that you can do in a smaller and warmer area. Our base principle this month is the classic, X-pattern sling system.

The second scienc-y type thing we are going to take a look at is ‘in WOD’ prioritization of exercise attributes. Let’s take a look at this WOD, that is so aptly named after the ‘evil bunny’ from A Pet’s Life 

(Note:  if you have young kids you’ll know what I’m talking about, if not it is worth a youtube search since the character is played by the awesomely funny Kevin Hart


This month’s WOD is called: Evil Snowball

(You’ll need 1 kettlebell:  any size)

10 Rounds

Round 1

Explosive BW RFESS x 10/10
Walking Tactical Kettlebell Cleans x 2/2
Cross Climbers x 60 sec 

Round 2

Explosive BW RFESS x 9/9
Walking Tactical Kettlebell Cleans x 4/4
Cross Climbers x 60 sec 

Round 3

Explosive BW RFESS x 8/8
Walking Tactical Kettlebell Cleans x 6/6
Cross Climbers x 60 sec 


Continue you until you’ve completed 10 Rds you’ll know you are when you  feel the ‘evil’ and get you 1/1 on the RFESS.

Until next month, stay strong….Stay FarmStrong!!

If even for just a day or an instant I can change your outlook on what can be done with kettlebells then the FarmStrong goal have been achieved.


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