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FarmStrong Strength Academy – January 2017

Snatch Progressions

As always I am extremely grateful that Perform Better has allowed me back with another month of FarmStrong Strength Academy. It's hard to believe that we are about to tick the calendar on another year.

Of course, January is the time of year when folks set 'new year's resolutions'. Time to get the 'ol butt in gear and knock off some of the accumulated fluff of the previous year. Nowadays, the gurus are all against resolutions, saying stuff like, "why set a resolution if you are never going complete it", "resolutions are dumb", etc. Of course, they have some new clever word or way for it… resolution, goal, target, process, or what have you. Me, I'm just fine with resolutions. I think they are a dang good idea. If you don't know what you are shooting for, how the heck are you going to get there? As a matter of fact, in regards to fitness resolutions, I think adding a little anxiety is in order.

How so? Well, by adding a test. Now that will get the nerves a humming. I think adding a physical test to your resolution will really make a difference. Because what do most people do when they have a test?


See where I'm going with this? Even if you are a procrastinator you are still likely to at least 'cram' a few training sessions before your test, and that's a heck a lot further than most resolutions make it. The test I'm suggesting has several layers to it:

• Fitness
• Health
• Performance
• Mental Toughness

We'll be utilizing the most athletic lift you can use with the kettleblell – the SNATCH. The protocol we'll be 'testing' is one of the originals. Simply put, it's 10:00 of fun. In kettlebell lexicon, it is often referred to as the Secret Service Snatch Test. If you are weak, out of shape, have orthopedic inabilities, or just lack mental fortitude, this test will expose them. Some might say such exposure is unnecessary. I say you need to know what you 'suck' at in order to be able to fix it. To help put the Snatch nay-sayers at bay, we are going to allow for some very organic and individual adjustments for the purpose of our test.

We are nearly 15 years into this kettlebell thing. If you can't or aren't snatching then there is probably something amiss with the programs you've been following.

I would also like to suggest taking this test on a quarterly basis. This type of testing frequency will give you approximately 12 good weeks to train and thus assess how that training has impacted you. For example, if you test and can only 1/1 rep but with shoulder irritation, and then you spend the 1st quarter of 2017 working on your shoulder orthopedics. When you retest in Mar. 2017 you can do 5/5 with no irritation. Then you've in improved your test score in my book. My personal test is going to involve attempting to snatch the 48kg from a deadstop position 3/3 in 10:00.

As you can see I'm leaving you with the adaptability to suit your specific needs. Now, traditionally the SS Snatch test is done with a 24kg or 12kg kettlebell for max reps. Ironically, this was my first ever kettlebell workout. Generally speaking, if you choose this as your metric you are looking to achieve 100+ reps with some even reaching the 200 rep range. Again, I'm leaving you with a pretty open-ended goal…err resolution. I'm just holding you to principle of testing on a regular basis.

This month's Workout Drill is called: NO FUN

(You'll need 1 kettlebell: any size)

10:00 Work Interval x Max Reps

Kettlebell Snatch x Max Reps

Until next month, stay strong….Stay FarmStrong!!

If even for just a day or an instant I can change your outlook on what can be done with kettlebells then the FarmStrong goal has been achieved.

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