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Flexibility & Stretching Zone!

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To stay at their best, athletes, fitness enthusiasts and professionals know that a commitment to preparation and recovery is essential. Perform Better has cutting edge flexibility and stretching products as well as online articles, exercises and videos to help!


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Ask the Expert: Charlie Weingroff

Charlie Weingroff"Maintaining and improving soft tissue quality is really quite an important piece to the training picture. There are many different options to affect the different soft tissue, and the best choice is really based on preference but also effectiveness. Many of the different flexibility and stretching tools we can use affect different "highways" of our sensory systems. Some affect deep pressure, others light pressure, vibration, or a combination of others. Many of the different options will work as the body senses the soft tissue deforming with no ill effects, thus releasing tension in key muscles we use in training. Using these strategies before a training session can help improve movement skills and set us up for a better warm-up. The same strategies post-training can aid in the recovery process very similar to massage in aiding circulation and flushing of the metabolites built up during smart training."
– Charlie Weingroff, DPT, ATC, CSCS – Physical Therapist and Strength & Conditioning Coach

Ask the Expert: Gray Cook

In this video, Gray Cook discusses when to use different flexibility and stretching tools like Trigger Point products and Massage Sticks.

Upcoming Functional Training Seminars

Functional Training SeminarsCheck out Perform Better's Learn-by-doing Functional Training Seminars, designed for everyone who trains or rehabs clients, patients or athletes. The seminars typically cover the latest information and techniques for flexibility and stretching.