Fitness Facility/Gym Design!
Northeastern University
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Northeastern University Cabot Center

Dan Boothby
Director of Strength and Conditioning
Northeastern University

I have been very fortunate to work with Perform Better on two different facilities, and their expertise helped make the process go incredibly smooth.  Once the architects finalized the facility blue print I was able to sit down with Rob and Chris and discuss what our equipment needs were, and how to fit everything into the area to promote great flow and create a safe training environment.  They understood our training philosophy and what equipment would best support our training.  They were able to make suggestions regarding equipment that would best accommodate our training as well as our space limitations.  I could not be happier with the two final products, and felt throughout the entire process that they were trying to build the ideal weight room for Northeastern.  Their experience dealing with architects and engineers helped bridge the gap between building a facility that was designed with aesthetics in mind, and building a facility designed with the concepts of weight room flow and functionality.