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The 3 Best Interval Training Applications Ever
3 Easy Exercises Using Your Feet
The 5 Most Dangerous Words in The Profession I
7 Awesome Medicine Ball Drills to Increase Speed
10 Important Questions About Training Kids
10-Step Guide: How to Use the Weight Loss Preset Treadmill Workouts
10 Ways To 'CREATE AN EDGE" In The Fitness Field
83 Ways to Make 2011 Your Best Year Yet
100 Ways To Create WOW!
The Applied Neuroscience of Peak Performance
Agility Training for Athletic Performance
Are We Always Concurrent in Performance Training
Are You Doing Your Abdominal Training Wrong?
Are Your Athletes Burning Out?
Assessment and Problem Solving for the Foot and Ankle
Assessment and Problem Solving for: The Hip
The A-B-C's of Footwork
Barefoot Training & Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy
Basketball Speed
Battling Ropes® Partner Ropes Training
The Battling Ropes® Power Slam. King of the Swing?
Battling Ropes Rope Fighting Drills
Battling Ropes® Training System
Benefits of Stretching!
Best Practices in Youth Sports Performance
Beware of the Anterior Pelvic Tilt
Beyond Balance Training
Biomechanically Based Dynamic Balance and Strength Training
The Bott Perspective (Implementing FMS into a College Football Program)
Build Bigger Legs, One at a Time
Building a Better Foundation for Youth Athletes
Building Strength and Power with Dan Baker
Breathe Well and Breathe Often – Defining and Correcting Dysfunctional Breathing Patterns for Athletic and Personal Trainers (Part 1)
Breathe Well and Breathe Often (Part 2)
Breathe Well and Breathe Often (Part 3)
Breathe Well and Breathe Often (Part 4)
Center of Gravity Management – The Secret to Great Game Speed
Chain Reaction Power Thrust
Chain Reaction Training
Chain Running and Crawling
The Chop and Lift Article Series – Introduction
Part 1 – Introduction to the Chop and Lift
Part 2 – The Chop and Lift...Continued
Part 3 – The Chop and Lift...Anywhere (Using Resistance Tubing)
Part 4 – The Chop...for Power (Using Medicine Balls)
Part 5 – The Chop and Lift for Golf Conditioning
Client Retention
Coach the Athletes of Tomorrow and Expand Your Career in Sports Performance Training
Common Dietary Deficiencies
Complex Simplicity of Function
Condition with Purpose
Constantly Performing at the Top of the Pack
Core Conversion: 3D-Matrix Performance System
Coordination & Movement Skill Development – The Key to Long-Term Athletic Success
Coordination Training & Young Athletes
Cross-Specificity Training for Golf Fitness
The Curse of Knowledge
Defensive Back Speed
Disection – A Trainer's Learning Tool
Do I Need a Multivitamin?
Do We Need More Certifications?
Do Your Job
Does It Hurt
The Dynamic Warmup
Educating Your Personnel for "People Performance"
Enhancing Athletic Coordination
Every Day Is Game Day
Exercise with a PURPOSE!
Exercise + Roadmap = Feeling Alive
EXOS Mentorships: Take Your Coaching Skills to the Next Level
Extreme Flexibility
Facility Design Concepts
Fascial Lines & Power of Propulsion
Foam Rollers – the Softer Side of Fitness
Four Resistance Band Moves to Maximize Your Glutes
Fit to Serve: Reshaping Youth Fitness for the 21st Century
Five Keys to Staying Hydrated
Five Resistance Training Myths in the Running World
FMS Unplugged – Episode 8: Overhead Split Squat
The Flamingo Mini-Golf Principle – Making a Real Connection with Your Community & Clients
Foot Function & Fascial Lines: Lateral Ankle Stability
Foot Function & Fascial Lines: Sesamoids, Short Foot & Stability
Foot Function & Fascial Lines: Big Toe Biomechanics: Beyond Dorsiflexion
Functional Biomechanics
Functional Flexibility
Functional Flexibility: Complex Made Simple
Functional Training for the Torso
The Future of Nutrition and Body Transformation
Get Better Results and Be More Profitable with Small Group Training
Getting a Leg Up on Back Pain
Gift Ideas for the Holidays to Produce Raving Clients
Glute Activation: Optimizing the Function of the Posterior Power Center
Golf: Improving Performance with the 'X' Factor
Good Posture and Dynamic Balance
Got Knee Pain? Then Do This
Gray Institute – Squatting
Half Racks Revisited
Healing is Optimized with Proper Nutrition
Hiring the Right Personal Trainer or Sports Performance Coach
Hiring the Right Sports Performance Coach
How Does the Body Know?
How to Foam Roll Like a Pro
How to Help Athletes Develop Instrinsic Motivation
How Well Do You Know Your Supplements?
Hydration Tips to Help Your Athletes Beat the Heat
I Think I'll Just Do Upper Body or Run Today
Impact of Sit-Ups on the Entire Body
Improve Your Base Steeling
Improving Lateral Speed and Agility
Indian Club Chain Marching
Indian Club Swinging – Mindful Motion from the Timeless Past
Inside EXOS' NFL Combine Prep Program
An Inside Look at EXOS' Tactical Training Techniques
Is Foam Rolling Bad for You?
Is It Time to Rethink Power Development?
Just 2 Things to Relieve Your Runners Knee!
Just These 3 Things For Your Back!! That’s It..
Kettlebells and Lower Cross Syndrome
Kettlebell Training for Power Endurance
Kettlebell Training 101
Knee Pain...A Real Pain in the Butt
Kyphosis Treatment by Deep Muscle Stimulator and Exercise
Learn More from My 5 Fitness Business Mistakes than All My Successes
Low Back Pain: A Functional Perspective
Maximizing Your Athlete's Recovery
Master Your Craft: Introduction to the "Turkish Get Up"
Mastering Your Craft: The Functional Movement Screen
Mastering Your Craft: Soft Tissue Injury Treatment and Prevention
Maximizing Your Athletes' Acceleration
My Ah-ha Moments
Myofascial Mobility Through Strategic Movement
The Neurology of Aging & Movement Longevity
NFL Combine Training Tips
Nutrition: How It's Helping (or Hurting) Your Athletes
ON-GROUND Function: Learning to Function...on the Ground
Our Professional "Puzzle"…Structure or Function?
Overtraining Young Athletes – Part I
Overtraining Young Athletes – Part II
Paradigm Shift in Training Endurance Athletes
Performance Breathing: A Primer
Periodization Training Breakdown
Plyometric Training Part I – What It Is and What It's Not
Plyometric Training Part II – More Ups for Basketball Season
Plyometric Training Part III – Explosive Training for Upper Body Power
Prime Time Personal Training in 2009
Pre-Season Conditioning for College Basketball
The Real Purpose of Sports Performance Training
Resistance Bands for Strength Training – a 'Stretch' in the Right Direction
Rolling to a Speedy Recovery Post-Workout
Rotational Basketball Movements with the CrossCore 180
Scaling Function
Science & Professional Practice: Unfinished Business
Self Myofascial Release Techniques
Service Your Stride: The Runner's Edition
Shoulder Pain and Weight Training: Understanding the Mechanics of a Complex Joint
So: You Think You Can Dance...? Applying ABC Ladder Footwork Skills to Create Better Athletes
The Sound of Agony…But Not Defeat
Speed Training Tips
Spine Flexion Exercise: The Issues Affecting Health and Performance
Sport Learning – Coaching Styles & Methods
Sports Prep: Pre-season Recreation and Exercises for Preteens
Static Stretching (Balanced Body Series)
Strength Development: It's so Simple – Part I
Strength Development: It's so Simple – Part II
Survival of the Fittest: Chiropractic and the 21st Century
The System of Training Young Athletes
The Synonymy of Balance and Motion
The Talent Revelation
TD's Top 41 Tips for Success in the Fitness Field
Teaching Technique – Laying the Foundation of Coaching Excellence
Three Pillars of Sports Performance Success
Three Ways to Train for Strength
Throwing Medicine Balls
Tight Hamstrings Causing Pain? Corrective Exercise Solutions
Timing is Everything
Too Busy to Get Better
Top 8 Reasons Why You Should Kettlebell Train
Top 10 Things Elite Coaches Do (And 6 Things They Read)
Top Fitness Mistakes and How to Correct Them
Training 101: How to Get Your Athletes to Be Their Best
Understanding Chronic Knee Pain Part 1 – The 'Why'
Understanding Chronic Knee Pain Part 2 – The 'What'
Understanding Sports Hernia Part 1
Understanding Sports Hernia Part 2
Using Exercise to Manage Anxiety
Use of Medicine Balls in the Rehabilitation of Sports Injuries
Using Foam Rollers
Using a Weighted Sled for Acceleration Improvement
What is Over-pronation and How Can I Benefit from Preventing It?
What Is Core? Just Take a Deep Breath and Read on
What's Your New Year's Coaching Resolution?
What's Your Vector, Victor?
When to Progress, When to Regress
Whole Body Vibration and Gravity
Why Everyone Needs Core Training
Are you in "The Zone"?