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At Perform Better, we know Exercise Resistance Bands & Tubing Training! We're here to answer your exercise band and tubing training questions, or to help you select the proper resistance bands or tubing equipment for your needs.

Resistance bands and tubing provide muscle-building tension, and they can be used almost anywhere! Exercise bands provide effective and relatively safe exercises, and they are often used for rehabilitation purposes. Functional resistance training helps you Perform Better!

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Ask the Expert: Gray Cook

Gray Cook"Bands and tubing do not replace other forms of resistance, they complement them. They're adaptable, portable, and only limited by the trainer's imagination. They're also vital tools for corrective exercise because any movement pattern can be resisted, assisted or facilitated. Perform Better has the best options for bands and tubing and I can always rely on them to get me exactly what I need."
Gray Cook, MSPT, OCS, CSCS

Ask the Expert: Mark Verstegen

In this video, Mark Verstegen talks about the importance of utilizing bands and tubing when training, warming up, and rehabilitating.

Ask the Expert: Lee Burton

Lee Burton"The Unique aspect of bands and tubing is how diverse and creative you can be when implementing these pieces into an exercise program. The variety of exercises can range from basic corrective work to high level power and resistance training when using Superbands. I have found these tools to be especially useful when prescribing home exercise for athletes since exercise bands are extremely portable and can be used anywhere. Due to their ability to be used in a variety of situations and their relatively low cost, resistance bands are a great value and should be in every professionals tool box of equipment."
- Lee Burton, PhD, ATC, CSCS,
Program Director for Athletic Training of Averett University &
Co-founder of the Functional Movement Screen (FMS)

Upcoming Functional Training Seminars

Functional Training SeminarsCheck out Perform Better's Learn-by-doing Functional Training Seminars, designed for everyone who trains or rehabs clients, patients or athletes. Seminars typically cover the latest and greatest exercise band & tubing training techniques.