Functional Training Zones

Constantly Performing at the Top of the Pack

By Bill Parisi, CEO, Parisi Speed School

Continual high performance in bringing in revenue is an attention getter whatever the business. It's one thing to have a banner year financially, but quite another to consistently increase revenues from year to year. As the franchisor we wanted to know why our Parisi Speed School in Fair Lawn, NJ, time after time, hits and often exceeds it's revenue goals, se we turned to Parisi Program Director Craig Stoddard for answers.

When asked about their success, Craig Stoddard gave one immediate response, "Ground Hog Day" baby! You have to do the same things over and over again every day, and stick to it. Consistency is the key to increase revenues. Here's what that looks like on the business side. It means returning calls, making sales calls, daily outreach calls to community leaders, and perhaps most importantly is accountability. And, on the training side it's about coaches following the protocols that Parisi has given. This is not their own show. Any coach should be able to take an athlete from another coach and train the same way. If not, we'll lose our consistency and our profitability.

As Program Director I am on my people like white on rice to make sure that outreach is actually being done and tracked. Following up on Speed passes, evaluations that don't buy, and initial leads are critical for success. The biggest challenge is losing people in the sales funnel, and/or not qualifying people right away. Procrastination and laziness will kill your revenues faster than any other factor.

When asked how he successfully manages his staff Craig gave this advice:

  • Be quick to fire and slow to hire – if you have a staff member that is underperforming don't hold on to them too long.  That will only drain resources!
  • My staff are not my friends – It's nice when the people that work for me like me, but that's not my concern. This is a business and not a social club. We'll be on great terms as long as they're producing. If not, we can still be friends, but you won't be working for me.

In addition, success at profitability requires a system for tracking the $$$$$$. A spreadsheet for tracking all revenue and activity related to sales is essential. It needs to be updated daily and sent out nightly for review.  I believe this is key to helping us keep our eye on the ball.

All of us have to understand something – we are a service provider. Therefore, customer service from everyone at the facility is critical. Our members are paying for service and they better get it from my staff. I don't care if the same client asks every time they come in, "where's the bathroom?" They better be treated as if it's the first time they asked. After all, it's not about "you" the employee; it's about "them" the customer. Sometimes this is hard to teach this to the younger members of my staff because they've been raised in such a "me" centered world.

Another key ingredient to understand if you want to be successful is that at a Parisi Speed School there are two people to please, the customer (parent) and the client (athlete or child). If you don't satisfy both you won't be successful. (The how to's on this point might be another article altogether)

And finally, the training is paramount. If the training is not strong, progressive, safe, stimulating, sound, proven, and run by performance coaches who can capture the athlete's attention and keep them engaged, then you're in trouble from the get-go.  As Program Director it's my job to constantly evaluate my coaching staff and make sure the protocols are being followed meticulously. If not, they're going to hear from me.  But the reverse is also true – when my coaches are hitting it on all cylinders they will receive my praise as well.

In summary, it's all about good systems, great coaches and strong accountability.  If you have these things you will be profitable year after year.