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At Perform Better, we know Speed, Agility, and Quickness Training! Whether you want to increase speed & agility for football, basketball, soccer, tennis, baseball, hockey, or any other sport – we can help!

We're here to answer your speed and agility training questions, or to help you select the proper equipment for your needs.

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Speed & Agility Exercises
Speed & agility training exercises using various speed/agility products.

Ask the Expert: Nick Winkelman

Nick Winkelman

"Agility is the ability to change speed and direction in non-reactive and reactive conditions. Training that focuses on non-reactive agility improves the quickness, strength, and power qualities that support effective change of direction. Training reactive agility improves decision-making capabilities in relation to specific sport and life demands. The same drills can be used for reactive and non-reactive agility training with the only difference being the addition of a stimulus (i.e. sight, sound or touch) during reactive agility drills."
– Nick Winkelman, MSc, CSCS*D, USAW, USATF,
Director of Training Systems and Eduction at Athletes' Performance

Ask the Expert: Todd Durkin

In this video, Todd Durkin discusses the importance of speed, agility and quickness training and provides training and coaching tips.

Upcoming Functional Training Seminars

Functional Training SeminarsCheck out Perform Better's Functional Training Seminars, designed for everyone who trains or rehabs clients, patients or athletes. The seminars typically cover the latest speed, agility, quickness & reaction training techniques and information.