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Chain Reaction Power Thrust

by John Brookfield, Creator of the Battling Ropes and Chain Reaction Training System

The Chain Reaction program is a one of a kind training system implementing chains in a whole new manner which has not been seen before. Just like my Battling Ropes training system the Chain Reaction program is completely unique and designed to produce tremendous results for athletes and fitness professional of all levels. The program is very vast and has different concepts and principles such as the power generation concept the push/pull method and several strength endurance principles to name just a few.

In this short article I will share and explain a very special exercise within the Chain Reaction power generation phase called the Power Thrust. With all the Chain Reaction training we use 1/2 diameter chains either 35, 30 or 25 foot in length. All three of these chains can be used effectively by athletes and fitness professional of all levels for all of the different training concepts of the program. These chains are also chrome colored chains which do not have oil or powder coating which comes off them like many other chains do. This allows the user to use the chains without having black powder or coating getting on their hands and clothing.

In the photos and video clip with this article you see me using a 35 foot chain on the Power Thrust exercise. The 35 foot chain weighs about ninety five pounds. This chain can also be adjusted to change the resistance you experience. The Power Thrust exercise could very easily be the greatest way to develop explosive power you will ever experience. Also, other than the results it produces it has the great benefit of having almost no learning curve or technique that has to be mastered to avoid injury to the user. In fact you can put a world class athlete and a novice to lifting on the exercise with the same learning curve and explanation and they will be able to implement the Power Thrust exercise right away.

The Power Thrust exercise can be used to train the athlete or to test the athletes ability to generate power and to sustain power over time. To start you will need of course your chain and a pole. The pole can be wood, metal or even heavy pvc pipe, however a good sized wooden pole is recommended simply to muffle the sound instead of the noise that metal to metal makes if you use the chain against a metal pole. Once you have chosen your pole you simply stretch the chain out forming a U-shape on the ground with the two loose ends stretching past the pole. Now you bring the two ends back towards the other part of the chain so that both ends cross around the pole which attaches the chain to the pole. Once the two ends are at the opposite end you link them together.

Now you are ready to generate power. Grasp the chain at the end of the circle with your hands fairly close together. From here pull the chain backwards where most of the slack is out of the chain , but enough slack is left so that the chain has room to whip and move. Now with a strong grip on the chain with both hands you explode upwards with explosive power as though you were pulling a barbell into a high pull or power clean. This Power Thrust motion as I call it will cause the chain to elevate and move up the pole. The more thrust and explosive power you generate the higher the chain will elevate and rise up the pole. You will find out very quickly that you are forced to explode and it is not as easy as some may think. This Power Thrust technique will also expose weak links you have and also correct them as you continue to train on the exercise. In fact  you will find that every body part must fire and pull its weight to successfully elevate the chain very high up the pole. With conventional training methods that are used to develop explosive power such as Olympic lifting and kettlebells the lifter can have weak links and imbalances and still be a good performer.

An extremely important point which must be understood that also makes the Chain Reaction Power Thrust exercise stand out as the grand master of explosive power developing methods is that you must thrust up but, also outward and forward with the chain. This upward and outward thrusting motion is specific to real life movement where you must explode up and forward or outward to be successful. My point here is that in traditional Olympic and kettlebell style lifting the lifter pulls straight up their body to safely and successfully complete the lift such as the clean or the snatch. Even though I like both these two types of training methods it is important to understand that pulling a bar straight up your body does not mimic real life explosive power movements where the user must explode upward and forward or outward.

When the body produces power it moves like a fluid wave in a fluidly wave like fashion. The great thing about training with the chains as well as the Battling Ropes they allow the body to transfer this fluidity naturally  into them. The chains or the ropes can absorb this natural motion that the body creates where traditional weights cannot. Therefore the body can transfer this natural wave like effect directly into the chain or rope in a safe and extremely result producing manner.

With this understood I strongly urge you to implement the Chain Reaction Power Thrust exercise into your players, clients and personal training regimen. I can assure  you will find great results from it that will transfer into everything you do. As I mentioned earlier you can have anyone flow right into the exercise without worrying about safety and taking time to learn much technique. As you watch the video and look at the photos you will see that you simply explode and thrust the chain upward and forward which creates a whipping wave like action that forces the chain to elevate up the pole. You can do this Power Thrust one move at a time or thrust the chain as many times as you can in an allotted amount of time to increase your ability to sustain explosive power. Remember to stand in a good balanced position as you thrust the chain up the pole. I do strongly encourage you to push yourself and try to do as many Power Thrusts as possible in a certain amount of time to get the greatest results. Also, if you have trouble elevating the chain up the pole you can still get great results from the exercise. Simply continue the Power Thrust and you will quickly see your explosive power increase which will elevate the chain higher and higher up the pole. This new found explosive power will then transfer into any other arena you choose due to the Chain Reaction Power Thrust exercise.