Plyometric Training Zone!

Banana Step Exercise Video

Plyometric training can be integrated into any exercise program regardless of the ability level.

With plyometric drills, repetition should be very limited and the speed of movement somewhat slow during the inital phases of training for a beginner. As one advances and becomes stronger and more efficient in the exercises, speed of movement can and should be increased. Make the movement progressions from easy to hard and slow to fast to ensure safe execution of any exercises.

This video demonstrates many of the plyometric exercises and drills that you can do with Banana Steps (also called Mini-hurdles), including:

• 2-Foot Hops with Pause (great beginner exercise for teaching the landing on any plyometric exercise)
• 2-Foot Hops with Bunny Hop
• 2-Foot Hops – Continuous
• Lateral Hops with Pause
• Later Hops with Bunny Hop
• Lateral Hops – Continuous
• Shuffles
• Backward Shuffles
• Forwards & Backwards
• Quick Feet Crossover
• Lateral Gallops
• Step-overs with Push Ups
• Skip Series:
     • Forward Steps
     • Open-Hip Skips
     • Closed-Hip Skips
• Forward Gallops
• Diagonal Hops
• 1-Leg Diagonal Hops
• Forward & Backward Diagonal Hops
• Hurdle Quads
• 1-Leg Hurdle Quads

The video ends with showing sample circuit exercises using Banana Steps, an agility ladder, a stability ball and Balance Steps.