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A mentoring workshop by the leaders of the sports
performance business, Bill Parisi and Martin Rooney

-Benefit from 40 years of success for 3 days of intense mental and
physical instruction and personal coaching.
-Enrollment is limited to 10 participants.
-Martin and Bill lead every minute of every day.
-Designed for trainers who strive for excellence in business, training,
and life.
-The workshop is based on Bill and Martin’s experience overseeing
hundreds of thousands of athletes, training thousands of trainers and
coaches, Pro Teams, MMA fighters, Navy Seals, Olympic athletes,
developing franchise training systems and managing an international
sports franchise business.
Topics: Athletic Engagement, Networking Development,
Communication Skills, Financial Development, Training,
Methodology, Personal Development Exercises, Success Patterns,
Planning and Preparation, Making it all Enjoyable

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Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning Mentorship
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Athletes Performance Mentorship Program

Since Athletes' Performance opened in 1999, strength & conditioning coaches, athletic trainers, physical therapists, doctors and personal trainers have continually asked how they could undergo the same training and programming that their elite athlete clientele uses. Thus, in response to this incredible demand, Athletes' Performance - the world's leader in the training of elite athletes - has developed a mentorship program for industry professionals. During selected weeks throughout the year, Athletes' Performance opens its doors to (10) professionals from the field of performance enhancement for a 1-week intensive, learn-by-doing experience. This is an incredible opportunity to learn from the world-class staff at Athletes' Performance in a facility that is second to none.

Please visit Athletes Performance  for more information or contact Dan Zieky at or 480.449.9000 ext. 233


Human Motion Associates 3 Day Mentorship Program with Chuck Wolf

"The goal of this mentorship is to develop strategies for fitness program design based from information gathered from the MOVE appraisal system with rationale for the program design.  With these objectives, the attendee can feel confident they are viewing their clients through a functional integrated thought process that is designed to reduce risk of injury, appreciate the common “big rocks” that frequently are precursors to injury, and ultimately develop approaches to enhance the quality of life for those the fitness professional serves."

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