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10-Step Guide : How to Use the Weight Loss Preset Treadmill Workouts

by Anna Ursu

The main reason why most people decide to buy their own treadmill is to lose weight. But once the machine is in your home, what do you do with it? Do you just start running on the treadmill and count the calories the console lists? No, this is not the way. Follow me through this 10-step guide and you will learn what your treadmill should have to help you lose weight, and how to use its features correctly so that you DO start seeing results after you sweat off those extra pounds.

A short parenthesis is required before going further.  In all running articles and specialized books you will find the term "fat burning zone". This is the key element for all weight loss workouts, so you must know what it refers to.

The fat burning zone represents the value of your heart rate when working out at 75%-90% of your target heart rate.

The target heart rate represents the value of your heart rate, when you're using 60%-90% of your maximum heart rate.

Maximum heart rate (MHR) is calculated with a standard formula, depending on your gender and sex:

MHR for men = 220-age

MHR for women = 226-age

ALL treadmills will list in their console ‘Weight Loss Workouts'. But if you do not use these exercises AND keep count of your fat burning zone, your results will be different than your expectations.

With these details listed, you are ready to go through the
10-step Guide for How to Use the Weight Loss Preset Treadmill Workouts:

Step 1: Set Your Personal Details in the Console
Insert in the console your gender, age and weight and save your user profile.

Smart treadmills feature user profiles that include the option to insert and save important details about you. With these personal details, the console can estimate your target heart rate based on a general formula. Therefore when you workout, the treadmill can get you in your fat burning zone correctly.

With these details, the treadmill can also calculate correctly how many calories you burn. Otherwise in the calories display you just see a number generated with a basic formula. It is not accurate and you should not trust it.

Step 2: Attach the Wireless Chest Strap
Attach to your chest a wireless Chest Strap so that the treadmill can receive permanently information about your heart rate during the exercise and adjust the workout's intensity automatically so that you stay in your fat burning zone throughout the run.

I recommend the wireless chest strap because it leaves your hands free during the workout, and it offers more accurate results than the standard hand-grip sensors.

Step 3: Select the Preset Workout from the Console
Select from the treadmill's console the preset workout you want to complete. The Weight Loss workouts usually have a ‘quick launch' button, easily accessible from the console.

When you use the preset workouts, the treadmill automatically controls the incline and speed of each segment so that your heart rate stays in the fat burning zone. Pretty smart and easy, right?

Almost all treadmills have intensity options available for all preset workouts. Start with the lowest intensity, and increase difficulty in time.

Step 4: Warm-Up
ALWAYS Warm-Up, no matter what type of workout you do. This step is essential to prevent unwanted injuries.

Preset workouts usually have the warm-up segment included in the exercise. It lasts up to 4 minutes, keeping the treadmill at low incline and speed, just enough for muscles to warm up.

Step 4: Run
Run, run, run and keep in mind that your effort will pay off.

The preset workouts will change the treadmill's incline and speed gradually, until you get in your fat burning zone. Then the workout will change the settings so that you stay in your fat burning zone for a preset time (see Step 6).  These workouts are built based on hill intervals settings. Each new segment is different, and engaging, so I guarantee you will not get bored.

For those who do not enjoy running that much, you can control the incline of the treadmill so that you increase the workout's difficulty by walking at high inclines. You will still get in your fat burning zone, so the results will be the same.

Step 5: Monitor Your Heart Rate
Always monitor your heart rate during exercise. The wireless chest strap will send the heart rate info to the treadmill instantly, and this info is listed on the console. If you feel ANY type of discomfort, or you see that you heart rate is too high, STOP. It is not worth continuing the workout.

I usually recommend consulting your physician before engaging in any type of intensive effort. They can tell you what your maximum heart rate can be based on your general health condition. Knowing this info, you can monitor yourself correctly during the exercise and you can stop when needed.

Step 6: Minimum Duration
Weight loss workouts for beginners last usually up to 20 minutes. Although specialists recommend that the weight loss workouts duration is minimum 30 minutes in the fat burning zone, for beginners 20 minutes is more than enough.

Intermediate workouts are usually 30 minutes long.

Advanced workouts can last for minimum 40 minutes, but you can exercise longer if your body can take it.

Step 7: Cool Down
Same as warm-up, it is crucial to end your workout with a cool-down period. No matter how long your workout is, always dedicate the last 4 minutes to walking at slow speed, until your heart rate decreases slowly and you feel that you can breathe normally.

Preset workouts have this segment automatically included in the exercise.

Step 8: Repeat
One flower doesn't bring spring. Yes, this means that you must repeat the workouts to see results.

Preset weight loss exercises for beginners can be repeated 3-4 times per week. The body needs rest to adjust to the new effort.

When you develop the endurance to finish intermediate or advanced preset weight loss workouts, you can repeat these 4 or 5 times per week.  But you always need to include rest days in your program.

Step 9: Increase Difficulty
The body is the smartest machine there is. It will adjust to any type of effort you put it through; even if at the beginning you will feel all kinds of pain.

The key is to start low, repeat and increase difficulty in time. You may need to do the beginners preset weight loss workouts for 4 weeks in a row before you are ready to set the next level.  But at a certain moment you must increase difficulty, as your body will adjust to the effort and you will not be able to get in your fat burning zone without adding difficulty.

Step 10: Save Your Workout Results
Save your workout results and compare them in time. There is no higher motivation than seeing your progress. The scale will tell you how many pounds you've lost, but the charts will tell you also how many miles you've run, and what is your fastest time. These are the details that make a runner's life engaging.

The smart treadmills keep these details in the console, saved to each user profile. With a few clicks you can remind yourself daily that you are a runner and your stats speak for themselves.

This is a guest article by Anna Ursu. Anna runs on treadmills and writes treadmill reviews at RunReviews. She has been dedicated to running for many years. Through her work she wants to show the world the benefits of using cardio equipment correctly.

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