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Earn a 10% Commission on Every Sale Referred From Your Website

What is the Partners Program?

By simply linking your website to ours, you can earn a 10% commission on any sale that is made online within 60 days of the customer's initial visit. It is easy to link to our site - after becoming a partner, we will provide both text link and banner link options for your website. You choose where you would like to place these links on your website. There are no program or setup fees involved.

Why join the Partners Program?

Make money using your website by promoting training and rehabilitation products. When a customer who has linked to the Perform Better site from an affiliate link on your website places an online order, you earn a 10% commission!

  • Valuable Support - Our Affiliate Support Team will walk you through the process of setting up the links on your site and viewing the online reporting system.

  • Reliable Tracking and Online Reporting - We will provide you with login access to view your earned and pending commissions.

  • Extra revenue - We pay commissions on a monthly basis, once you've accumulated $50 in sales. (All sales will be considered "pending" for 30 days after the order has been submitted to eliminate potential payment processing and returned item issues).

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