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Rocker Hurdles

A Quick Guide to Selecting Hurdles

There are two types of hurdles – Championship and Rocker. Most college coaches know which Championship model they want. High schools usually pick rocker hurdles which are lighter and cost less. Unfortunately, most rockers are not sturdy, and they fall over easily. This causes a lot of breakage. First Place hurdles are an exception.


The First Place Elite and First Place Competitor are rockers, but their one-piece, 16-gauge, welded steel bases give much greater stability than other high school hurdles. The Elite has a 5 year base warranty while the Competitor has a 2 year base warranty. Neither model falls over as easily as other rockers, but they do move when hit. The Elite adjusts to 30”, 33”, 36”, 39” and 42” heights while the Competitor adjusts to 30”, 33” 36” and 39” (there is no college height).

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Rocker Hurdles

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