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Balance Beams – Balance Beam Training

Balance Beams for Sale

Balance Beams are great for fitness training, stretching and balance exercises. They are great tools for working on static and dynamic stabilization, joint stabilization, and proprioception. Besides the Airex Foam Balance Beam and Poly Balance Beam, the half round versions of the PB Elite Molded Foam Roller can also be used as balance beams.

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Balance Beams

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Choosing a Balance Beam

For kids and beginners, consider the Poly Balance Beam. Its low, 1½ inch height provides a sense of security and builds confidence. However, its narrow, 4 inch width and 8 foot length provide a fun challenge for kids and adults alike. The Poly Balance Beam is made of firm, polyvinyl rubber.

The Airex Balance Beam is softer with a gel-like feel – this provides more instability. It is also higher at 2½ inches. Airex Balance Beams have more versatility because of their trapezoidal design (9½" wide at the bottom and 6½" at the top). For more advanced balance and stabilization training, place the narrower side down.

For very advanced balance beam training, consider the economical half-round versions of the PB Elite Molded Foam Rollers (available in 1 foot and 3 foot lengths). Their 3 inch height and round surface provide challenging balance beam type exercises.

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