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Exercise Mats

Whether for a gym, home use, or a group fitness program, we've got a great selection of exercise mats in varying sizes and thicknesses.

Popular Airex Foam Exercise Mats come in many sizes, thicknesses and colors. Two types of Airex mat storage racks are available. We also carry a variety of other exercise mat and yoga mat options, including folding exercise mats, general purpose fitness mats, and large, thick gym mats. Check out our economical First Place Fitness Mats and Racks.

See Choosing an Exercise Mat and Mat Thickness Chart below.

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Exercise Mats

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Choosing an Exercise Mat

When it comes to choosing a mat for yoga, Pilates, or exercise, thickness is the main consideration. Yoga mats are typically the thinnest (starting at 1/8” thick) because you need to be able to feel the floor for balance. Consider 0.2” or 0.3” for some extra protection. Pilates mats are thicker than yoga mats (at least 0.3”) – consider 0.3” to 3/4". General exercise/fitness mats are generally 0.4” or greater for extra padding when exercising.

Mat Thickness Chart

Mat Thickness
Basic Yoga 0.125" (1/8")
Calyana Yoga 0.2" or 0.3"
Airex Yoga/Pilates 190 0.3"
First Place Fitness 0.3"
Airex Foam 0.4", 0.5", 0.6", 1"
Hanging Club Mats 0.5"
Economy Fitness Mats 0.5"
UCS Challenger Folding Mats 1.25"
Folding Gym Mat 2"
UCS Fat Pads: 4'x8', 5'x10' 8"
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