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Foam Rollers: Extensive Foam Roller Selection

We carry an extensive variety of the best foam rollers available! Foam roller exercises are great for self-myofascial release, self massage and stretching. Foam rollers are also used for golf swing practice, Yoga and Pilates. In addition to our great foam roller selection, we also carry foam roller racks and a great instructional video from Michael Boyle. Our most popular general purpose rollers are the PB Elite Molded Foam Rollers.

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Helpful Foam Roller Information

Excerpts from the article "Using Foam Rollers" by Michael Boyle

"...A foam roller is simply a cylindrical piece of extruded hard-celled foam... Foam rollers usually come in one-foot or three-foot lengths. I find the three-foot model works better, but it obviously takes up more space.

"Foam rollers are also now available in a number of densities from relatively soft foam to newer high-density rollers that feel much more solid. The denser the athlete, the more dense the roller should be. Large, heavily-muscled athletes will do better with a very high density roller whereas a smaller, younger athlete should begin with a less dense product...

"Use the roller to apply pressure to sensitive areas in muscles-sometimes called trigger points, knots, or areas of increased muscle density... Foam rollers are also used to apply longer, more sweeping strokes to the long muscle groups like the calves, adductors, and quadriceps, and small directed force to areas like the TFL, hip rotators, and glute medius...

"The feel of the roller and intensity of the self-massage should be properly geared to the age, comfort, and fitness level of the athlete...

"There is no universal agreement on when to roll, how often to roll, or how long to roll, but generally, techniques are used both before and after a workout. Foam rolling prior to a workout can help decrease muscle density and promote a better warmup. Rolling after a workout may help muscles recover from strenuous exercise."

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