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General Exercise Bands & Resistance Bands/Tubing

We carry a huge selection of exercise bands and tubing for resistance band training. We've got everything you need to meet all of your exercise band training and rehabilitation needs! All-Purpose Exercise Bands are extremely strong and durable – they come in 6 resistances. Our popular Superbands are extra-strong exercise bands for heavy-duty use. Gray Cook Exercise Bands come in five resistances and can be used for chops, lifts, presses, and more. Travel Exercise Bands are a smaller version of the All-Purpose Exercise Bands. The covering on First Place Safety Toners and Slastix Pro Bands protects the resistance tubing from wear and keeps it from overstretching. We also carry many exercise band with handles options.

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General Bands & Tubing

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Training with Exercise Bands/Resistance Bands

with Lee Burton

Exercise/Resistance Band Training with Lee Burton"The Unique aspect of exercise/resistance bands and tubing is how diverse and creative you can be when implementing bands into an exercise program. The variety of resistance band exercises can range from basic corrective work to high level power and resistance training when using Superbands. I have found resistance bands and tubing to be especially useful when prescribing home exercise for athletes since exercise bands are extremely portable and can be used anywhere. Due to their ability to be used in a variety of situations and their relatively low cost, resistance bands are a great value and should be in every professionals tool box of equipment."
– Lee Burton, PhD, ATC, CSCS, Program Director for Athletic Training of Averett University & Co-founder of the Functional Movement Screen (FMS)

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