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Metabolic Stability Series: Sprinter's Stance with Movement
With Josh Henkin, CSCS

What is movement? It is a question I hear a lot from coaches even though we love to talk about it all the time. Such a question is so important because understanding how we create movement should be foundational to how we create our training programs.
Metabolic Stability: Sprinter's Stance with Movement
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Does a Multi-Sport Background Improve an Athlete's Opportunity for Success?
Multisport Chart

After every championship game or major sports draft, data emerges supporting the benefits of a multi-sport background.

While multi-sport athletes aren’t nearly as prevalent in high school as they were a few decades ago, the voices and anecdotes around the virtues of sampling vs specialization are growing.

Hall of Fame athletes like John Smoltz and Wayne Gretzky are using large platforms to advocate against early sports specialization.
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Increasing Speed: Strength Training Exercises
Increasing Speed: Strength Training Exercises
By Bill Parisi, Parisi Speed School

There are three aspects to improving speed – running technique, muscle elasticity and strength! However, many coaches and athletes aren't optimizing their speed strength training with the right program design to reap the greatest benefits in speed and force production.

Increasing speed with strength training can be accomplished through some of the most standard exercises.
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5 Keys to Hosting an Awesome Open House
Josh Leve, Association of Fitness Studios
By Josh Leve, Founder & CEO of the Association of Fitness Studios (AFS)

It seems like the term "open house" has become a mainstay in today's fitness world. It's the go-to opportunity to throw a party and bring together your fitness community.

But what makes some open houses better than others? What can you do to ensure the next one you throw is your best one yet?
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Move with Functional Movement Systems in 2018
Start your movement journey with:

FMS Level 1 – Movement Experience

Or take your programming to the next level with:

FMS Level 2 – Return to Movement
Join FMS in 2018. Discover your path at functionalmovement.com/system
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Why Do Alloy and Perform Better Go Together?
It's an easy answer!

Alloy Personal Training Solutions is your turnkey solution to building your group and personal training business. Clubs around the world rock this partnership and so can you!

With Alloy's programming and proven business systems along with Perform Better's Facility Design and products, it's easy to set up your club for success!
Alloy Systems
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One-Day "Learn-by-Doing" Seminars
Perform Better 'Learn-By-Doing' One-Day Seminars
Boston, MA – Mar. 17, 2018
Durham, NC – Apr. 14, 2018
Atlanta, GA – Apr. 28, 2018
Tacoma, WA – May 12, 2018
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National Fitness Business Alliance "Business of Fitness" Seminars
NFBA 'Business of Fitness' Seminars
Atlanta, GA – Mar. 15-16, 2018
San Francisco, CA – Apr. 5-6, 2018
Orlando, FL – May 3-4, 2018
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Functional Movement Systems Online Courses
FMS: Move well. Move often.
Perform Better Functional Training Institute (PBFTI)
Functional Strategies for ACL Injury Prevention
Functional Strategies for ACL Injury Prevention

Perform Better
West Warwick, RI
April 21, 2018
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Lebert Fitness – The Ultimate Guide to Equalizer Training
Lebert Fitness Seminar
Boston, MA
March 18, 2018

Are you looking for some inspiration and new ideas for your personal training clients, small group training members, group fitness classes, or even your own personal workout? Then this is the workshop for you! Learn the unique exercises created by using the Lebert EQualizer®, plus ways to revamp your current exercise library. This workshop will vastly expand your knowledge of this versatile piece of equipment.
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