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Training Tips

Hydration Tips to Help Your Athletes Beat the Heat
by Michelle Ricarrdi, MS, RD, CSSD – Director of Nutrition Education, EXOS

At EXOS, hydration is one of the key components of our overall nutrition philosophy, which also includes eating clean, eating often, developing a healthy mindset, and fueling for recovery. When athletes are training at high intensities for long periods of time, especially in the heat, staying hydrated is a major concern. To keep our athletes performing their best, we stick to strict hydration guidelines year-round...

Michelle Ricarrdi
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Three Pillars of Sports Performance Success
by Bill Parisi, CEO, Parisi Speed School

I speak often around the country not only on fitness, but also on the successful principles that drive a great business. It is common for me to be asked, "Bill, what is the secret of The Parisi Speed School's success?" Although I could answer that question in a variety of ways, I always mention what I call the three pillars of success that has made us a well-known brand in youth sports performance...

Bill Parisi
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Fascial Lines & Power of Propulsion
by Dr. Emily Splichal, DMP, MS, CES

As we enter this paradigm shift in the way we look at human movement, corrective exercise and performance I have seen an increase in the appreciation for the foot & the ankle. With almost every fascial line passing through the bottom of the foot, professionals worldwide can experience how integrated the foot and the ankle really are with the rest of the body...

Dr. Emily Splichal
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Got Knee Pain? Then Do This
by Ryan Krane, MS, CPT, PES, CES

So why do you think there are so many people suffering from knee pain? Do you think its bad luck, poorly designed exercise programs or something completely different??? A big reason why so many people suffer from knee pain is a combination of poor flexibility, weakness in their legs, and improper posture in their legs, hips, and feet...

Ryan Krane
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Exercise of the Month

Metabolic Stability Series – August 2014

The kettlebell snatch requires a wonderful balance of strength, power, flexibility, and accuracy. When you can perfectly combine all those elements you get a wonderful full body movement...

Exercise of the Month
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3-Day Functional Training Summits

3-Day Functional Training Summits

Provides trainers, coaches and therapists with a combination of lectures and hands-on learning experiences with many of the top professionals in the industry.

Date / Location:
Aug. 8-10, 2014 – Long Beach, CA

More info / online registration

2-Day Functional Movement Screen Seminars

2-Day Functional Movement Screen Workshops
with Gray Cook and Lee Burton

Learn a grading system that assesses and documents functional movement patterns in order to identify limitations and asymmetries.

Dates / Locations:
Aug. 22-23, 2014 – Dallas, TX
Sep. 5-6, 2014 – Providence, RI
Nov. 14-15, 2014 – Chicago, IL

More info / online registration

EXOS Presents

EXOS Presents: Online Courses

Get an exclusive inside look at the way EXOS trains college, pro, and elite athletes and military to improve their linear speed and excel in their field.

The 0.10 Second Difference
More info / online registration

Dan Baker – Advanced Strength & Power
More info / online registration

End of Summer Sale. Save up to 40% plus free shipping* on orders over $50. Ends 9/30/14. *On select products. Shop now!
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