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Training Tips

EXOS Mentorships: Take Your Coaching Skills to the Next Level
by Dan Zieky, Business Development Director of Education, EXOS

One of the best ways to improve your skills, confidence, and success is by learning from others in your field. EXOS is committed to providing world-class mentorship experiences, sharing our proven systems and philosophy, and connecting you with others in the industry. These opportunities provide an experience that takes into account more than 15 years of research and science combined with world-class coaching on EXOS' training systems...

Dan Zieky
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Constantly Performing at the Top of the Pack
by Bill Parisi, CEO, Parisi Speed School

Continual high performance in bringing in revenue is an attention getter whatever the business. It's one thing to have a banner year financially, but quite another to consistently increase revenues from year to year. As the franchisor we wanted to know why our Parisi Speed School in Fair Lawn, NJ, time after time, hits and often exceeds it's revenue goals, so we turned to Parisi Program Director Craig Stoddard for answers...

Bill Parisi
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Myofascial Mobility Through Strategic Movement
by Anthony Carey, M.A., CSCS, AHFS

Performing self-myofascial release using a variety of tools is now a common strategy among health and fitness professionals, with the term "myofascial" denoting the inseparable connection between muscle and fascia. As our scientific knowledge base grows, our understanding of what occurs during the myofascial release process has also grown and matured...

Dan Zieky
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Do I Need a Multivitamin?
by Dr. Spencer Nadolsky,

The term 'multivitamin' refers to any supplement that contains essential vitamins or minerals. Multivitamins are usually a pill or tablet. There is no standard dose for multivitamins, since each supplement company has its own formula, marketed to their demographic of choice...

Dr. Spencer Nadolsky
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Just These 3 Things For Your Back!! That's It...
by Ryan Krane, MS, CPT, PES, CES

One of the questions I frequently get asked is, "Hey Ryan, what can I do to make my back feel better?" This is a very common question that all of my clients have asked me...They all want relief from their pain, stiffness, & discomfort because they are sick and tired of suffering from back pain...Can you relate to this??...

Ryan Krane
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Exercise of the Month

Metabolic Stability Series – June 2014

Sledgehammer work has been done for decades by boxers to build endurance and punching power. It looks cool, but does it have any true purpose?...

Exercise of the Month
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3-Day Functional Training Summits

3-Day Functional Training Summits

2014 dates and locations have been announced! The presenters will include many of the most respected names in training, conditioning and rehabilitation.

Dates / Locations:
Jun. 13-15, 2014 – Providence, RI
Jun. 27-29, 2014 – Chicago, IL
Aug. 8-10, 2014 – Long Beach, CA

More info / online registration

2-Day Functional Movement Screen Seminars

2-Day Functional Movement Screen Workshops
with Gray Cook and Lee Burton

Learn a grading system that assesses and documents functional movement patterns in order to identify limitations and asymmetries.

Dates / Locations:
Aug. 22-23, 2014 – Dallas, TX
Sep. 5-6, 2014 – Providence, RI
Nov. 14-15, 2014 – Chicago, IL

More info / online registration

Foundational Strength Seminar

Foundational Strength
A StrongFirst and FMS joint event.

The Foundational Strength event earns you a Level 2 FMS designation, access to tracking software and listing on the FMS national list of certified practitioners.You will learn some of StrongFirst’s best techniques for strength development and training.

Dates / Location:
June 20-22, 2014 –
King of Prussia, PA

More info / online registration

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